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Our real workshop is out in the bush

Our combined workshop is out in the bush, Fiona is a fossicker, potter, sculptor, rock & gemstone hunter, tree lover and now she is also a photographer we must try to be in the right place at the right time as often as we can, well that’s the goal. Anytime is the right time really, but, despite detailed trip planning we have to be lucky as well. Getting back safe is the number one priority and convincing the ‘boss’ to stay in one place for longer than a couple of days is a tough call. Arriving when conditions are right is always a challenge and sometimes we miss out, so we stop and wait a while. Fiona’s rocks have been there for millions of years but photo opportunities are constantly evolving. We both love travelling all around Oz and meeting people, the ‘boss’ is an avid ‘rock collector’ and a wizard with all sorts of arts & crafts, I’m a photographer and I only do weddings sometimes.Lorem, et occaecat aute, dolore, cupidatat ut velit pariatur dolor. Mollit anim sed id aliqua ex, in sint ex consequat excepteur dolor proident et incididunt ut tempor. Commodo dolore eiusmod, irure non veniam? Taking six, eight or maybe a dozen really good images each year is a good year. I try to get out of as much work as I can at home so we can take off in a heartbeat, when on the road I mostly do as I’m told and point the vehicle in the right direction.

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Fiona & Paul some where near Scone - in the bush!
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